African Exfoliating Net

African Exfoliating Net


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 Experience the ultimate bathing luxury with our African Exfoliating Net. This 100% Nylon sponge gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells. Approx. 65 x 26 cm in size, it ensures thorough cleansing, improved blood circulation, and lasting durability of over 2 years. Indulge in a refreshing bathing experience like never before.

Benefits & More

  • Before using your African exfoliating net, soak it in warm water for half a minute to soften the net and make it more delicate. Then, apply a small amount of shower gel and rub it onto the net for a pleasant bathing experience.
  • To use the net, wet it and add your preferred body wash or bar soap. Scrub all parts of your body, and thanks to its stretchable design, you can easily reach and clean your back while exfoliating.
  • When it comes to care instructions, the net does not need frequent washing but can be washed weekly either in the washing machine or by hand. After washing, simply hang it to dry for reuse.
  • Enjoy the benefits of exfoliation and the convenience of using this African exfoliating net for a refreshing and rejuvenating bathing routine.

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