I Am Her

I Am Her


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The "I Am Her Planner Sticker" is a bold statement piece for your organizational needs. This striking illustration features a confident woman, exuding a sense of motion and self-assurance with her head wrap and an abundance of stylish jewelry. Her expressive pose, holding a blunt and a smartphone, speaks to the multitaskers, the go-getters, and the trendsetters. With the empowering message "I AM THE MF'N MOTION" on her shirt, this sticker is an ode to those who are unapologetically themselves. It's perfect for adorning your planner, symbolizing strength, confidence, and the spirit of taking on the world.


  • (1) Premium Matte Sticker Sheet
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 2.300" tall)
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 1.800" tall)
  • Color may vary from screen to screen
  • Hand drawn by Tiffany Keenan (Owner of Le Cinq Août)

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