Khloe & Paige

Khloe & Paige


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Discover "Khloe & Paige," the charming planner sticker duo that brings a touch of family love and style to your organizational needs. Khloe, with her eye-catching mustard blazer and iconic afro adorned with a patterned headband, exudes confidence and trend-setting flair. Right by her side is Paige, her adorable little sister, whose youthful spirit and style perfectly complement Khloe’s poised demeanor. These stickers, originally inspired by the crocheted dolls crafted by Tiffany K., have been lovingly transformed into a vibrant, motivational accessory for your planner. Each sticker captures the essence of the dolls' handcrafted details, from their fashionable outfits to their expressive eyes, inviting you to plan your days with a sense of fun and sisterly companionship. Perfect for siblings and fashionistas alike, Khloe & Paige are here to add personality and inspiration to every page of your planner!

  • (1) Premium Matte Sticker Sheet
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 2.100" tall)
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 1.800" tall)
  • Color may vary from screen to screen
  • Hand drawn by Tiffany Keenan (Owner of Le Cinq Août)

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