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Say hello to "Paige," the adorable little sister to our beloved planner sticker, "Khloe." Just like her big sis, Paige is a burst of youthful energy and style, encapsulating the same handcrafted charm that made Khloe a favorite. Her playful outfit and accessories reflect a spirited and fashionable personality that's both inspiring and fun. Whether she’s accompanying Khloe in your planner or shining on her own, Paige adds a touch of whimsy and encouragement to your day-to-day plans. This sticker, rooted in the artistry of crochet and brought to life in a vibrant, portable form, is perfect for personalizing your journal, laptop, or workspace. Let Paige remind you of the joy in the little things and the bond of sisterly love every time you glance at your schedule!
  • (1) Premium Matte Sticker Sheet
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 2.000" tall)
  • (2) Stickers (Approx. Size: 1.550" tall)
  • Color may vary from screen to screen
  • Hand drawn by Tiffany Keenan (Owner of Le Cinq Août)

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